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Paus Konsults is a professional credit management company with more than 15 years of experience in debt collection from physical and legal persons.

  • Control of debt payments  
  • Most effective debt recovery 
  • An opportunity to quickly check the credit history of a legal and physical person in the database
  • Recommendations regarding further action with debtors
  • Client representation at court
  • Flexibility depending on the specifics of debt and customer's preferences

Our cooperation partners are the largest Latvian banks, financial institutions, telecommunication companies and providers of public utilities, maintenance and power supply services.

Paus Konsults is a member of the international trade association of third-party debt collection businesses ACA International.


Database of credit history

Connect to is a database that lets you quickly and easily check the credit history of a private or legal person who wishes to receive a loan or buy goods or services on lease terms. Using the database, you may forecast your transaction risk with a person who has not met his/her liabilities by the due date.

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2011 indicators of the debt collection industry
25 - 09 - 2012

2011 indicators of the debt collection industry

Last year, members of the Latvian Association of Extrajudicial Debt Collectors received 456.4 thousand debt collection cases (+2%) for a total of LVL 211.8 million (+18%), including cession arrangements.

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LLC Paus Konsults wins nomination Supergazele.
03 - 11 - 2011

LLC Paus Konsults wins nomination Supergazele.

For several years now LLC Paus Konsults is included into Gazeles (Gazelle Companies) Top compiled by „Dienas Bizness” and „Lursoft IT” as one of companies with the highest growth rate in Latvia. After assessment of performance of Latvian companies in 2010 LLC Paus Konsults received nomination Supergazele and has the second place in the Supergazele top compiled by „Dienas Bizness” and „Lursoft IT”.

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Cooperation partners

  • We offer an opportunity to agree on the purchase of debts - cession of the claim rights.

    Cession is an opportunity for you as a creditor to recover your cash promptly and avoid a lengthy and costly collection process, and also free your balance sheet from receivables.

    Prior to purchasing any debts, your list of debtors (debtor portfolio) will be analysed and a price offer will be provided. Upon signing a cession agreement, all documents confirming the liabilities are transferred to us as the assignee (purchaser of debts). Your debtors will be informed on the cession arrangement and the collection process will begin.

  • The result of a personal code check 000000-00000:

    * In the last 30 days, this person was looked up in the database 0 times.

    Name Surname

    This code matches 2 entries:



    A Type - the person has two entries of delayed payments - consumer loans;
    B Date of occurrence - the delayed payments occurred on 16-Jun-2011 and 23-Aug-2011;
    C Maximum amount of the delayed payment - the maximum amount of the delayed payment transferred to Paus Konsults is LVL 348.29 and LVL 2372.14;
    D Current balance - the outstanding amount according to Paus Konsults is LVL 0.00 and LVL 1062.96 respectively, which indicates that one of the delayed payments was covered in full whereas the other was covered partially;
    E Currency - the currency of the delayed payment is LVL;
    F Period - the period of the delayed payment is calculated from the date of occurrence to the date of full settlement. For the first delayed payment, it is 9 months, i.e. the debt was paid in Mar-2012, and for the second delayed payment it is 12 months (the request for information was made on 4-Sep-2012);
    G Status closed - paid in full.
    H Status active - Paus Konsults performs out-of-court debt collection activities (correspondence, negotiations, agreements, etc.)


  • What persons are entered in the database of credit history maintained by Paus Konsults?

    The database contains data on the debts of physical and legal persons owed to the largest Latvian banks and financial institutions, including non-bank lenders, telecommunications companies, public utilities and other companies of various industries.

    What does it mean for a person to be entered in the database of credit history ?

    The database is used by all leading Latvian banks, financial institutions and telecommunications operators. As a result, a person with an entry in the database will find it difficult to receive a loan, lease or other services, and also use the existing services.

    How to become a user of the database of credit history ?

    You can become a user of the database of credit history by signing a cooperation agreement with Paus Konsults, after which you will receive log-in details.

What to expect in case liabilities are not met

A credit management company or a bailiff would perform debt collection until the liabilities are recovered in full. The failure to meet any loan liabilities, whether a mortgage or consumer loan, or an unpaid invoice for services, bears equally grave consequences:

  • the debtor/guarantor is liable with all his/her property;
  • a bad credit rating, after which the debtor/guarantor will find it difficult or impossible to receive loans as the information on outstanding liabilities may be included in the database of credit history, maintained by the credit management company Paus Konsults and the Credit Register of the Bank of Latvia according to the rules of the Credit Register;
  • the debtor/guarantor will be liable to compensate the creditor's losses;
  • any debts may be ceded (sold) without the debtor's/guarantor's consent and thus it will be required to agree on the debt repayment with another physical or legal person;
  • if a debt is not paid voluntarily, the creditor will file a claim to the court and the debtor/guarantor will be liable to cover the cost of litigation on top of their debt;
  • after receipt of executive documents the bailiff would start coercive execution directed at:
    • all debtor's/guarantor's property (movable and immovable property, including property located with other persons or property to be obtained later). In the event the loan is secured, the pledged property (real estate, vehicle etc.) will be sold in an auction. Should the amount recovered through an auction be insufficient to cover all liabilities, the debtor/guarantor will be liable to cover the outstanding part of the debt;
    • the debtor's/guarantor's remuneration or similar payments by binding the debtor's employer to withhold cash every month to cover the debt;
    • other debtor's/guarantor's income and deposits with credit institutions;
  • the debtor's/guarantor's bank accounts will be blocked;
  • all expenses connected with the carrying out of the judgement (bailiff's activities) are covered by the debtor/guarantor;
  • the amount of the debt will be paid in instalments until the liabilities are settled in full as indicated in the court ruling.

Payment orders, confirmations

* The field must be filled in

What to do if I have received a warning letter and/or text message from Paus Konsults?

If you have received a warning letter and/or text message from Paus Konsults you should immediately contact us using the telephone numbers provided in the letter and/or text message. Delays with debt payments will have an adverse impact on your credit history and the amount of the debt will continue to grow in line with the provisions of the agreement you signed.

Is it possible to return the debt in parts using a repayment schedule?

You may pay the debt in parts by prior agreement with the debt collection specialist over the telephone and by preparing a repayment schedule.

Will the debt be recovered also if the debtor is outside Latvia?

Yes, debt collection is performed also outside Latvia.

What is the difference between pre-court debt collection and debt collection via court?

In the event of pre-court debt collection the debtor will only be liable to cover the amounts specified in the agreement (usually the principal and/or penalties and/or interest), whereas in the event of litigation the debtor's expenses will be increased by court expenses. If the debt is not paid even after the court judgment the amount due will be increased by the bailiff's expenses incurred to carry out the judgment.

May the credit management company request the debtor to compensate the losses incurred by the creditor?

In accordance with Civil Law, everyone is liable to cover losses caused to another person by his action or inaction, thus the credit management company, as an authorised representative of the creditor, has the right to request that the debtor covers losses incurred during debt collection.

What to do if I believe that the total amount of my debt does not match the amount requested by the credit management company?

If this is the case, please inform us immediately by telephone or file a written application enclosing payment documents or other documents related to the specific debt case.

What are the industries with which Paus Konsults cooperates?

The cooperation partners of Paus Konsults are the largest Latvian banks, financial institutions, telecommunications companies and providers of public utilities, maintenance and power supply services.

What does the warning stamp of Paus Konsults do?

In order to avoid potential delays in payments, one may apply the warning stamp of the credit management company Paus Konsults to the invoices issued to the clients. This stamp will inform your clients that in the event of failure to pay the invoice the case will be transferred to us for debt collection.

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